envirosafe Service Standard

Big Blue’s proactive service management policy is now combined with Envirolyte New Zealand’s leading edge, eco-friendly,  organic sanitation solution, ANK Neutral Anolyte, a global phenomena that has been adopted throughout North America and Europe by forward looking water companies. ANK Neutral Anolyte is now widely utilised across industry, from Fonterra sites to Childcare Centres, the benign nature of the product ensures users have a clear point of difference in meeting their hygiene expectations.

All Big Blue Rental and Service plans include 6 monthly servicing and maintenance, including filters, so for as little as $7.90+gst per week you can have a water cooler and a full service package.

The hygiene standard of our water solutions is market leading – underlined by being the only NZ water cooler company to use the active ingredient ANK Neutral Anolyte in the internal sanitisation of water solutions – ANK Neautral Anolyte, a powerful, non-toxic natural antiseptic sanitiser that is designed and used internationally for the treatment of drinking water. Anolyte will effectively treat all water borne pathogens including Legionnaires, E.coli and Giardia. Wear and tear is identified early and remedied before our customers suffer a loss in capacity or performance.

Our Proactive Servicing Program ensures:

  • Our water coolers are safe and hygenic to drink from
  • Any wear and tear to the water cooler is rectified – before it causes deterioration to your drinking customer experience
  • There is no loss in filtration quality
  • The potential for leaks are minimised

All Big Blue Water Cooler Sanitisation Technicians are trained to follow the 25 Step Big Blue Water Cooler Sanitisation Process – envirosafe rigorously.

If you would like to find out more about Anolyte and its amazing properties please visit www.envirolyte.co.nz for further information.