Our Core Values

Big Blue has three core values and we believe that these set us apart in the New Zealand market. The values are each focused on providing our team with an on going reference point for behaviour, regardless of their role or the circumstances.


It's about being part of a Team

Respect is about treating your team mates how you expect to be treated, its about working hard as a team and making sure you are always backing up your team, not pulling them down.

Same team.. Same Direction.. Same Goals…Everyone has a voice


  • Trust is earned – loyalty and respect from your team mates are the rewards

  • Trust your team mates to deliver, but always be there to help

  • Acknowledge each others capability and contribution

  • Being upfront if we need to improve

  • Own problems, don’t hide them, solve them, if you need help ask.


Its about acting as if you were in the customers shoes

Integrity is about sense checking yourself, would you be happy if you were the customer?

We will always deliver on what we promise our customers, we set and hold ourselves to a very high set of standards.


  • Always do a great job, even when no one is looking

  • Knowing every Customer is important, big or small

  • Behave like we are the most vital supplier to our Customers business

  • Service every Customer’s water cooler as if it were our own

Number One

Cause there’s no prizes for second place

It’s about wanting to be the best in the industry. It’s a value that sets the tone of our company, we want to win in a competitive market place and we aren’t ashamed of it.

Number One In

  • The Industry

  • Customer Service

  • Quality Products