Market Leading Service is our daily aim

Just saying we provide great service is not enough. Everyone at Big Blue knows from day 1 that our service ethic is the key element that sets Big Blue apart in a competitive market.

At Big Blue, we make a big deal about ensuring that every part of our process gets tested and checked on a regular basis to make sure that the service we deliver to our customers is the very best we can provide to give you that “perfect” drink of water every time!

Our stylish coolers are serviced and maintained by experts (our service technicians regularly get tested on our Envirosafe Standard) and we deliver our water directly to your office so that everybody can enjoy a convenient, refreshing source of pure, clear water.

Our staff respect the needs and wants of every single customer and we all give 100% effort to see to it that customer expectations are met and surpassed. We are always looking for improvements and suggestions and value customer feedback – good or bad!!

Our expertise coupled with our customer focused attitude is what fuels our drive for perfection within our industry.

Get in Touch

If you ever have an issue with our service please let us know

Who is Hydro?

In 2015 Big Blue launched Hydro – our mascot as an innovative measure to give our staff a focus. Hydro is the embodiment of everything that is good about Big Blue, he is the best of breed and a guy that works hard and always gives his best for our customers.

Hydro has RESPECT for his team mates, has INTEGRITY in every customer interaction, and wants Big Blue to be  the NUMBER 1 water company in New Zealand.

Environmentally Responsible

Our philosophy is to be an environmentally responsible partner in the water cooler industry and provide our customers with quality products and unrivalled levels of service. Since inception Big Blue has always worked on our environmental footprint, with reusable water delivery being a very effective measure against one use plastic bottles.

Experienced team

Big Blue and its management team have over 30 years experience in the bottled water and water cooler industry, both locally and internationally. We started in the late 90’s in Petone and grew to become a nationwide company based on hard work and making good on our customer promise.

A common saying in Big Blue is ‘its just a water cooler, but lets make ours the best water cooler’. We have been directly responsible for introducing a number of major innovations into the NZ water market including: Hygienic non-spill caps, 15 litre water bottles, the hygiene guard that seals water cooler reservoirs.

Our Core Values


It’s about being part of a team.

Respect is about treating your teammates how you expect to be treated, it’s about working hard as a team and making sure you are always backing up your team, not pulling them down.

Same team. Same Direction. Same Goals. Everyone has a voice.


It’s about acting as if you were in the customer’s shoes.

Integrity is about sense checking yourself, would you be happy if you were the customer?

We will always deliver on what we promise our customers, we set and hold ourselves to a very high set of standards.

Number One

Cause there’s no prizes for second place.

It’s about wanting to be the best in the industry.

It’s a value that sets the tone of our company, we want to win in a competitive market place and we aren’t ashamed of it.