Paper Cups & Biodegradable Cups

You can order your water cooler cups right here

At Big Blue, we’re about making your life easy. So, if you’re in need of some new paper cups or biodegradable compostable cups for your office water cooler, no problem. Just click on the relevant links below, follow the prompts, and we’ll have your new water cups out to you in a flash.

Paper Cups

Use product code: BLUECUP


  • Standard paper cups
  • Boxes of 1,000 cups
  • Free delivery, anywhere in NZ

Biodegradable & Compostable Cups

Use product code: GREENCUP


  • PLA is a 100% biodegradable indigo resin made using corn, sourced from the world’s largest supplier in the USA. The PLA is laid as a waterproofing membrane over paper to produce a cup. This replaces the traditional PE membrane which is oil based and found on most paper cups.
  • The paper used is FSC certified meaning it is sourced from renewable forests
  • Inks are biodegradable vegetable oil based
  • Our green Cups have been approved for the NZ Waste Compost Standard 4454
  • Boxes of 1,000 cups
  • Free delivery, anywhere in NZ
  • For more information please visit
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