Looking for a Christchurch Water Cooler specialist? Get in touch with the market-leading team at Big Blue - proud sponsors of the Mighty Crusaders! Big Blue's Middleton office is an integral part of our nationwide bottled water and water cooler company - a company based on hard work, exceptional service and always making good on our customer promise. It's no surprise we’re New Zealand's leading Water Cooler specialists!

We can have your water cooler installed NZ wide in just 1 week!


A Big Blue water cooler is a safe water cooler

Big Blue customers tell us that hygiene tops the list of things they’re looking for when choosing a water cooler provider. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn we provide the most hygienic water coolers in New Zealand. Learn more about our market leading 25-Step Envirosafe Water Sanitisation standard.

New Zealand's top water coolers. Here’s why.

Water coolers that are good for you.

Most people are now aware of the detrimental effects of dehydration and that staying fully hydrated is essential for good health. With a Big Blue water cooler, you'll find it easy to stay hydrated with great New Zealand water every day.

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Unparalleled service

When it comes to great service, we're the market leaders in both water delivery and water cooler servicing. That's because at Big Blue, we don't rest on our laurels and we never stop striving to be Number One. We send monthly customer satisfaction surveys to the thousands of NZ businesses that hire our water coolers, and they've given us a rating of 97% satisfaction – 3% short of where we aim to be!

Our Three Core Values

We believe it's our three core values that really set us apart in the competitive New Zealand water cooler marketplace. Respect, Integrity and a focus on being Number One. These are our core values and we take them seriously, supporting our whole team to live up to them every single day.