Our Filter Specifications

Big Blue uses high quality filters with all of our water solutions, because the quality of the filtration determines the quality of the water. Our core filter used iwht all of our water coolers is sourced from Omnipure, the leading American Filter Producer.

The Omnipure KDF/GAC is a “two-media” cartridge of KDF (high purity copper-zinc alloy) and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), providing superior filtration qualities. Through the electrolytic and oxidation reactions of the KDF and the absorption and entrapment capabilities of the GAC, the KDF/GAC can remove or greatly reduce a wide range of contaminants through to 30,000 litres. KDF media also provides a bacteriostatic effect which is hostile to algae, fungi and bacteria and our standard filter the OKDF30/1 is also Cystsafe.

Tests conducted on KDF/GAC media in America, at the Australian Government Analytical Laboratories and at the University of Otago, have shown removal or reduction of the following contaiminants (% reduction minimum)

NSF Standards 53 and Australasian Test Data

Aluminum (97%)
Arsenic (96%)
Chlorine (99%)
Endrin (86%)
Lindane (99%)
Selenium (98%)
Toxiphene (85%)

Barium (90%)
ChromiumIII (98%)
Dieldin (96%)
Mercury (99%)
Silvex (88%)
TTHM (as CHC13, 98%)

ChromiumIV (75%)
Copper (90%)
Iron (50-95%)
Methoxychlor (96%)
Sulphur (99%)

Lead (85%)
Nitrate (75%)
2,4-D (a Herbicide)

The Omnipure OKDF-30/1 complies with both AS/NZS 4348:1995 for cyst removal and AS/NZS 3497:2001 for Hydrostatic & Burst Purifiers are not intended for use on mictobiologically unsafe water.