Drinking Fountain

Great for the gym, office, universities and high use areas fountains offer high volumes of chilled, filtered, water and reliability.

RM30 Fountain

From $19.90 + gst
per week


  • 100% rust proof cabinet
  • Optional gooseneck faucet
  • Vandal & impact resistant construction
  • High cooling capacity
  • Pressure Reducing Valve and Shock Arrestor protect from water mains pressure surges

Performance and specification

  • General Pressurized water dispenser with Bubbler and optional Gooseneck Faucet, utilising fan-assisted chilling technology to achieve high cooling capacity
  • Cooler Cabinet Stylish design, with a conveniently located front access panel. UV stabilized HDPE external cabinet – durable, modern and 100% rust proof
  • Faucet Installed bubbler and optional gooseneck mechanical glass-filler faucet for optimum hygiene
  • Compressor Type Hermetically sealed, PTC Starter with Overload ProtectorRefrigerant Charge 200g (7.1 oz) R134a (Ozone Friendly)
    (220-240VAC 50Hz) (100-115 VAC 60Hz)
  • Noise: <= 61dB(A) `(in Cabinet)


(H) 1180mm x (W) 430mm x (D) 430mm

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